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Your guide to acing your next routine inspection

Property inspections are an important part of renting a property for both the tenant and investment owner. They not only ensure that the property is being kept to a good standard, maintenance issues can be identified in their early stages and they also build a good relationship betweent the property manager and tenant


Inspection Guidelines

At Elders Real Estate Geraldton – we pride ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to all aspects of property management. Please see below an inspection guide checklist to help when it comes to preparing for your next routine rental inspection.

  • Lights – check that all your lights are working, and change the bulbs, if necessary. Clean any dust etc from light coverings.
  • Flooring – all floors should be vacuumed. Hard flooring should also be mopped.
  • Skirting boards – wipe over for dust and clean any scuff marks
  • Blinds – all blinds should be cleaned and free of dust
  • Windows – glass panes should be wiped over and free of marks, window tracks and sills should be cleaned and free of debrisWalls – lightly clean off any marks on the walls, without damaging the paintwork.
  • Air Con – if you have an air conditioning unit, carefully clean the filter
  • Stove top and oven – should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.
  • Exhaust hood – remove any oil marks from the exhaust hood, clean any filters and check that the light is working
  • Tiles/splash backs – wipe over these areas to remove any grease or marks, clean grout if applicable.
  • Cupboards and drawers – wipe down any cupboards and drawers
  • Sinks and taps – wipe down this area and remove any water stains
  • Benches – all benches to be wiped clean and free from grease, marks etc.
  • Dishwasher – if applicable, the dishwasher is to be left clean. Wipe over the internal of the washer and remove any debris from the bottom drainer
  • Cabinets – as with the kitchen, wipe down any cupboards/drawers
  • Toilet – scrub and disinfect all surfaces in this area
  • Shower – clean the shower head, taps, grout and tiles. Ensure any soap build up is removed from shower glass, if applicable.
  • Shower screens should be wiped down after every use, and cleaned weekly to prevent etching from water
  • Sink/taps – as with the kitchen, wipe down this area and ensure any marks are cleaned
  • Mirrors – wipe down mirrors with glass spray
  • Garden – lawns to be mowed and edged. Weeds removed from lawns and garden beds. Cut back/trim any bushes if required
  • Remove any rubbish
  • Paving – to be swept
  • All cobwebs removed from exterior
  • Pets – if applicable, pet faeces to be picked up and disposed of. Please ensure your pet is restrained during your routine inspection

All areas of the property must be accessible. This includes any garages, sheds, storerooms, etc.